Commissioned Orders

Harlequin Costume specializes in custom work. From masquerade balls to Santa suits, we are happy to work with you to bring any costume idea you have to fruition year-round. Please contact us at (909) 390-8527

With on-site seamstresses, Harlequin Costume specializes in custom creations to fit your costume needs. Whether you are a cosplay fan (Comic-Con, Renaissance Faire, etc.), or looking for a custom-fit costume for a themed wedding or a job in the entertainment industry, we would love to work with you to create that perfect ensemble.

Custom Santa Suits

Item Cost
Coat No Lining Button Front $ 459.00
Coat No Lining Fur Down Front $ 505.00
Coat No Lining Open Front $ 545.00
Coat Lined Button Front $ 619.00
Coat Lined Fur Down Front $ 671.00
Coat Lining Open Front $ 699.00
Pants Elastic $ 125.00
Pants w/Fly $ 227.50
Add Lining to Pants $ 75.00
Vest $ 245.00
Shirts $ 55.00
Overalls $ 75.00
Hat $ 55.00
Trim $ 75.00
Add Hood $ 75.00
Item Length
Santa Fabric Velvet 6 YDS
Santa Fur No Front 1.25 YDS
Santa Fur Front 1.5 YDS
Santa Fur Cap 2 YDS
Lining 6 YDS
Santa Vest Fabric 2 YDS
Santa Vest Lining 2 YDS
Santa Pants 45 Inch 2.5 YDS
Santa Pants 60 Inch 3 YDS